About us

Savitri Telecom Services (STS), an ISO 9001:2015 Certified company, with its diligent effort for customer delight through innovative products and superior service is one of the leading organization going from strength to strength for approx. 20 years. We have a vision to provide the world’s best quality & cost effective products to the telecom industries.

Our objective is to recognize the user’s future demands today and deliver the best customer experience at every touch point, in every market in which we do business. We want to treat our customers with full flavor of professionalism which take in fastest delivery of products and services followed by strong back end support.

Our vision, mission, and values are 3 pillars of our organization which support us to take any reasonable business decision. Our Vision, Mission and Values may be illustrated by three major questions:

What do we do?

This question should not be answered in terms of what is physically delivered to customers, but by the real and/or psychological needs that are fulfilled when customers buy our products or services. Customers purchase decisions are based on factors which include economical, logistical, and emotional like long term relationships also.

An excellent illustration of this is a business in our SAVITRI GROUP we are involved in manufacturing and servicing activities employing more than 1500 persons who are from lowest strata of society with an aim of their skill development and development of society as well.

New movement in India has a different story for manufacturing sector where users are shaking up their old attachment with the branded products and leaning towards other quality product from our type of small manufacturers which are well competing with branded products. This is an important distinction and answering this question from the customer’s perspective which will help you to answer the other two following questions effectively.

How do we do it?

 This question captures the technical elements of the business. Your answer should encompass the physical product or service and how it is sold and delivered to customers and it should fit with the need that the customer fulfills with its purchase.

In the example above, we had originally defined our manufacturing criteria & start attempting to sell it to Public & Private sectors unit with little success. We have realized that we need to deliver the story to our customers along with the product. Savitri Group has been striving to move ahead in the sphere of business with a clear vision of serving the nation through employment generation, skill development, increasing the productivity, & environment protection.

For whom do we do it? 

The answer to this question is also vital, as it will help us focus our marketing efforts. Though many small business owners would like to believe otherwise, not everyone is a potential / sensible customer, as customers will almost always have both demographic and geographic limitations. When starting out, it is generally a good idea to define the demographic characteristics of customers who are likely to buy and then define a geographic area in which business can gain a presence. As we grow, we can add new customer groups and expand our geographic focus.

An additional consideration with mission statements is that most businesses will have multiple customer groups that purchase for different reasons. In these cases, one mission statement can be written to answer each of the three questions for each customer group or multiple mission statements can be developed. Also, as a final thought it has to be remembered that vision and mission statements are meant to help people and guide the business, not to lock into a particular direction of earning money only.

As the company grows and as the competitive environment changes mission may require up gradations / change to include additional or different needs fulfilled, delivery systems, or customer groups. With this in mind, our vision and mission has to be revisited periodically to determine whether modifications are desirable.

What We Do

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Our technical team is ready to support you on 24X7 basis. Just feel free to contact us. We are always available to help you.

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We follow ethical code of conduct while doing business. That’s why there is no hidden cost associated.

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We are backed by competent workforce to provide you best services from our end.

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We are offering the best quality products and services to our clients at competitive rates.